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Preview the Book That Inspired the Rag Man Project Movement

Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson’s Ballad of the Rag Man has been featured in the Tulsa Kids magazine for October 2009. Read the article here.

Clothed in beautiful rags, the Rag Man collects cast-off items that others don’t find valuable. He collects them in heaps outside his home, walking through the streets of his little town with a cart. Nothing escapes his attention. To him, nothing is junk. A little girl watches the Rag Man from a distance as he takes her old, cast-off teddy bear, and she follows him to his mysterious shop, and wonders what will happen with her well-worn toy. Much to her surprise, the Rag Man repairs her teddy bear, and brings it back to her . . .

The colorful, profound and moving artwork in this collection is both real and imaginative – children will step into another world, but still root themselves firmly on the ground. They will, like the little girl, be watching the Rag Man. And they will learn an important lesson about judging others before they get to know them.

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